Welcome To A New Way of Thinking!

Welcome to Chrome Donkey!  If you’re reading this, you have no doubt scratched your head and wondered, “Where on Earth does the name Chrome Donkey come from?”

The idea behind the name was simply to create something that was so simple, so unique, that it was incredibly simple to remember, all the while symbolizing a lifestyle of living loud.  #LiveLOUD is all about going your own way, not following, but rather leading.  Be different, be unique, go left instead of right, swim against the current, change your way of thinking, etc..  If everyone was exactly alike, and we all shared the same tastes, the world would be an incredibly boring place!  It is for this reason Chrome Donkey has set out to develop a brand you can trust in to deliver highly unique product designs, incredible culinary masterpieces and a community of loyal fans.

Please make sure you stay tuned for our first product launch slated for Q4 of 2016.  Also, please subscribe if you would like to follow our journey via our website.

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…stay tuned…

Chrome Donkey