Chef U Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Lids

These premium-quality stainless steel Mixing Bowls are perfect for mixing and for storage. The silicone bottom lets you mix stuff without worrying about sliding. Our Chef U Mixing Bowls are a must have in every modern kitchen as they solve one of the most important problems of mixing and freezer safe storage.

A Must have Kitchen Item
The design and the quality of these mixing bowls will definitely amaze you and will make a permanent space in your kitchen counter. Once you use these set of bowls, you will realize how much difference a proper mixing bowl can really make. The trivial task of mixing in an otherwise slippery bowl can be frustrating and inefficient.

Easily Mix and Store
The silicone bottom provides better grip and lets you mix things without slipping. The Airtight lids of the mixing bowls ensure easy storage and keeps your food fresh. The best part is that you can mix and store the same bowl in refrigerator or freezer by use of the lid.

Measuring Marks
The inside of each bowl has measuring lines which make it easy to work with them. The EPA free Laser etched measuring marks makes baking even easier. If you do a lot of baking, this set is highly recommended.

Set of Three different sizes
Chef U Mixing Bowl set has 3 different size bowls.
Small Bowl: 1.5 Quart, 20cm, 7.9 inches wide
Medium Bowl: 2.0 Quart, 22cm, 8.7 inches wide, 4.4 inches tall
Large Bowl: 2.5 Quart, 24cm, 9.4 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall

ORDER NOW to get these useful and stylish mixing bowl set delivered to you in just a few days. Fresh colors and brushed finish on the exterior will look great in any kitchen.


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